The shooting of Ukrainian doctors on Monday were part of a daring crime fighters and video from the scene of the tragedy

Расстрел украинских медиков на Донбассе: появились детали дерзкого преступления боевиков и видео с места трагедии

A victim of enemy fire became an Estonian citizen – a doctor who tried to save the Ukrainian fighter.

This week the world witnessed a terrible war crime – the shooting of the Ukrainian group under a flag of truce in the Donbass, which tried to take the body of the deceased Ukrainian soldier. Despite the agreement on the regime “silence” militants opened fire. Now the occupiers are trying to convince the world that opened fire on the saboteurs.

This is stated in the story TSN.

Despite the claims of terrorists, there is overwhelming evidence that the Kremlin mercenaries, violating all international agreements have deliberately shot men in white who were on a humanitarian mission.

In particular, the UAV took off the execution of those who went in search of the body of the deceased Ukrainian soldier. Wounded man dressed in a white helmet and white armor, trying to crawl away to the shelter. And these pictures – not the last evidence of the bloody crimes in the Donbass.

The shooting of the Ukrainian evacuation team on the way to the body were not random. Then the Ukrainian soldiers had white hats, white vests, white bandages on his hands. It was the main condition under which the Pro-Russian rebels has agreed to provide the regime “silence”, so they knew who and when to suit him.

July 13 was a black day “marine corps”. At nine in the morning near rebel positions, where the recorded concentration of military equipment, were blown up, the commander of the intelligence.

The militants were allowed to take the body. Through the Observation mission of the OSCE ensure the “silence mode”. Together with the soldiers body left and representatives of the Joint center for coordination and control. And then all hell broke loose.

“After we reached the place, when they were, say, visual contact with the body, from the bushes I heard a scream from a distance of 15-20 meters. After crying, after a few seconds, opened a heavy fire on us. We clamped on three sides, that is, the crossfire didn’t let us leave,” said marine, member of the search team Oleg.

“The enemy opened fire from three points. They had waited for us, watching our movements,” adds marine, member of the search team Egor.

It was a trap, the first fighter was wounded. The drone saw the guy in the white hat put his harness, looking for shelter. But to throw her is not about Marines. They returned to the ambush site, where he was their friend. Likely, alive. To the wounded tried to get a field medic with the call sign “Estonian”. It was his last exit.

Later it became known that the dead medic is a citizen of Estonia.

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