The shortage of diesel fuel in Ukraine will not be – “Precarpathians”

Дефицита дизтоплива в Украине не будет, - "ПрикарпатЗападтранс"

In Ukraine will not be a shortage of diesel fuel, says the owner of the company “Precarpathians” Nikolai Vorobei. According to him, the main customer – the company “the proton” – received permission to pump fuel.

“There is also a Belarusian oil refinery in Mozyr, who, after a forced stop increases the power of production and consumption there is enough,” said the Sparrow.

According to the Belarusian investor, the company is planning to diversify the supply of diesel fuel for Ukraine

“We are looking to additionally download this volume of Belarusian resource Mozyr plant is connected to the pipe… there is a railroad, so using our capabilities and logistical advantages due to the fact that we are the owner of this pipe, there will be an additional weight on these volumes. It’s somewhere around 30%, we can add it in the first place for the Ukrainian market”, – said the Sparrow.

He also promised to invest in the modernization of existing capacities to improve environmental safety of the enterprise.

“Business is business, but the most important is the people, nature, ecology. And we, as shareholders, to pay attention to this. Because the threat of it is everywhere and always exists for any new, old… any object. It is still a petroleum product is a flammable liquid. And it is necessary to watch, ranging from security, technological security, compliance with all regimes,” said the Sparrow.

Shareholders now studying the whole material basis for further decisions on the modernization and improvement of conditions for about 500 employees.

As reported, on 19 April, the concern “Belneftekhim” said the sharp deterioration in the quality of Russian oil Urals, which is supplied in transit through the Druzhba pipeline, which could lead to damage to equipment of the Belarusian oil refineries.

At the Mozyr refinery Russian oil arrived with a high content of chlororganics, which has an increased corrosion activity.

On 23 April, Israel has stopped the export of light oil products to Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States.

Poland also suspended indefinitely the admission of Russian oil through the pipeline “Druzhba” of Belarus is due to its high content of organochlorine compounds.

April 25 Belarus partially resumed exports of light oil products in Ukraine and Poland.