The signing of the FTA with Israel does not promise anything good to Ukraine – browser

Подписание ЗСТ с Израилем ничего хорошего не сулит Украине - обозреватель

The recent signing of the FTA with Israel in the end nothing good us promises, although now the balance of our trade with that country in our favor (+349,3 million dollars). Formally, Israel is a promising market for us, as the trade surplus with him. But if you look at the statistics reveals that exports of Ukrainian products to Israel compared to last year has not grown at all, and the import of Israeli products in Ukraine increased by 22%.

While we have traditionally exported grains (215 million dollars), metals (192 million), food (53 million) and timber (16 million dollars). The basic position of the Israeli imports to Ukraine – chemical products (69 million dollars), plastic (14 million) and equipment (22 million dollars). No raw materials, all products of high added value.

About this in his article for ZN.UA Julia writes Samaeva. According to her, the Israeli market in Ukraine is relatively small, but technologically, the country is far ahead of us.

“According to the agreement, Israel will give us their market by 80%, and we for him – 70. And this handicap is offset by further provisions. Ukraine after the transition period (from three to seven years) receive the right to duty-free exports of most industrial products and quotas for agricultural products (wheat, eggs, honey, sunflower oil, wine, poultry meat, dairy products). And industrial goods, we Israel is not exactly going to fail because they are either not produced or their quality will not withstand the competition in the Israeli market and food supply as much as quotas permit, – said the columnist. – In response we will cancel the import duties for 7% of Israeli selhozprodukti, mainly vegetables and fruits, and 70% of industrial goods, which our no match and will surely find a buyer in Ukraine. The government expects that in the future, an FTA with Israel by 15% will increase the trade turnover between our countries. It is quite possible. But in whose favor will be the growth of trade?”

The author writes that Ukraine could get from the FTA with Israel more if included in the agreement not only goods but also services.

“Today, we export to Israel of services to 147 million. and this figure is growing steadily. While the basic position of our exports of services is IT allows you to quickly fit into the most innovative and promising Israeli production. But this is our Ministry of economic development speak only as about the prospect of future years, and the agreement on FTA this prospect does not even take into account” – emphasizes the analyst.