The signs of the Zodiac, often falling into a love triangle

Знаки Зодиака, чаще других попадающие в любовный треугольник

For some individuals love triangles are a common thing, because the world and the installation of such people is influenced by the stars. Certain signs of the zodiac promise the heavens themselves clash with the complex and intricate relationship, and all because of some qualities and traits given by the planets.


Representatives of this sign due to its short temper, often find themselves in an ambiguous situation. On the one hand, they are fleeing from the dullness of everyday life, on the other – I value reliability and loyalty. Every relationship is fresh. However, the deepening of opening up new and more valuable sense as a result, this sign often enjoys a new person, keeping in touch with regular partners. Impulsiveness and boldness of Aries can play a cruel joke with them, forcing to go on about the feelings of novelty.


Aquarius hard to understand people, permanently settled in one place, because this sign loves a new discovery and fresh experience. Aquarius is always difficult to determine what they want to, even harder to articulate their desires the second half. This makes Aquarius contradictory to go on about the erroneous finding happiness, getting involved in a new relationship.


The main seekers of novelty and adventure, Sagittarians often become involved in a love triangle. Constantly tying new relationships, getting acquainted with different people, Sagittarians are not able to resist the forbidden relationship, they often forget about your lover.