The signs of the Zodiac, who are the real bullies

Знаки Зодиака, которые являются настоящими хулиганами

These 5 signs of the zodiac are the most mischievous, rebellious and always getting into serious trouble!


You are looking for a partner to commit a crime? Choose The Virgin. It will be the best in this. Is evil in nature and can mate with anyone who she doesn’t like. She would like everyone to perceive it as a pleasant and friendly personality, but in practice in her veins is pure rage.


Too naughty and want everyone to know about it. Its charm makes it a great manipulator relative to the other. All of this is in her nature, and it is impossible to change.


This sign loves to deceive others. Low and a little white lie helps him to achieve what he wants. Their hooligan nature is based on bringing people closer to himself, but away from each other, but they do it just in case.


Sagittarius loves to get loved ones heart. Reckless, and often does not what is needed, therefore constantly worried about him. Often does not listen to what he tells the heart. This may manifest his great misdeeds or ordinary silence (he’s not responding to hundreds of messages) for several days during a lonely stay in an exotic country.


For bullies perceive Aquarius others, and not himself. But it is just a free, independent and spontaneous. Does what he wants, therefore gets a bad reputation. The event, insanity… exactly characterize of Aquarius.