The singer confirmed her romance with producer Black Star

Ани Лорак подтвердила свой роман с продюсером Black Star

Fans have several days to discuss a possible novel Ani Lorak with Egor Gleb. This writes StarHit.

After a 40-year-old Ani Lorak divorced from her husband, her personal life is actively discussed by the fans. Earlier, there were rumors that the actress is Dating the sound-producer of the record label Black Star Egor Gleb, but the star herself has not commented on this information. And yet, the evening of 14 June the singer posted a picture together with a representative of a famous company. Fans immediately came to the conclusion that lorac happiness near Yegor. “Warm evening”, signed romantic frame Ani.

Fans began to wish the couple happiness. According to them, that is Egor helped Lorak through a very difficult divorce. “You look great together! I hope this man will not hurt you”, “I’m so excited! This talented girl deserves a simple female happiness”, “No wonder there were rumors. Anya and Egor, you are beautiful”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the stars.

About the new chosen one lorac is known not so much. Yegor long time lived in Kiev, but after he moved to Moscow and began working with the label Black Star. 26-year-old sound producer close friends with Egor Creed and other stars of domestic show-business. Fans suggest that the lovers met backstage at one of the concerts, and the age difference is not an obstacle for their relationship.

Recall that during the nine years Ani Lorak was married to Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian. In an interview with lovers regularly talked about how to support each other in all endeavors but in July 2018, their relationship was given a crack. The fact that the wife of the artist filmed at the club with another girl. It later emerged that Murat repeatedly cheated on his wife.

Ani herself has not commented on the argument with her husband. In autumn it became known that she had filed for divorce. Lorac insisted that their with Murat’s daughter Sophia are left to live with her. The artist did not forbid ex-spouse to see his heir. The singer’s marriage was officially terminated in January 2019. The star was periodically told that her life begins a new stage.

9 Jun daughter Ani celebrated the day of birth. At the festival was not attended by Sofia’s father, later Murat still congratulated the child. Fans assume that lorac tries to minimize communication with your ex-husband because still upset with him. But the ex-couple try to remain neutral for the sake of heir. It is unknown how long their relationship developing, agreed with the producer of Black Star, but it is quite possible that soon the star couple start together and attend social events.

Ани Лорак подтвердила свой роман с продюсером Black Star

Ани Лорак подтвердила свой роман с продюсером Black Star