The singer Glucose, called the Ukrainian Crimea, says that he was the victim of a special operation and installation

Певица Глюкоза, назвавшая Крым украинским уверяет, что стала жертвой спецоперации и монтажа

Russian singer Glucose (Natalia Ionova – Ed.) after the scandal on the Ukrainian border, where she called the Ukrainian Crimea, went online and told his fans that he became a victim of provocation and installation.

She wrote about this in his Instagram.

“Yeah… the Week was not easy. I just came in from the shock. It was difficult at once to give any comments, mentally I was destroyed. Don’t want someone to think out any versions, and therefore tell what happened.

The evening of August 6 I flew to Kiev. I went to see friends, to work on new music and music videos with very talented people whose work I admire. We have not had the opportunity of a personal meeting for a long time. Before that I was already a ban on visiting Ukraine for three years due to the fact that I was in the Crimea. After my ban ended, I decided to go and visit their loved ones.

When I was at customs, I have launched a special operation. I was taken in for questioning and interrogated for more than three hours. From the first minute I was crushed, the pressure was as if I’m some kind of terrorist. With me all the time spoke in the Ukrainian language, knowing that I do not speak spoke very rudely, removing and bringing to room again and again. The person who interrogated me, all the time questioning again and again asked the same question, “Whose Crimea?”. I have long tried to explain that I am an artist that is not ready and does not want to comment on politics, I’m out of politics. I’m just going to my friends. I won’t let go, kept pushing. On the third hour of pressing the question “Whose Crimea?” I asked another question: “What are you doing? So I said that Crimea is Ukrainian? What is going on? Well, send back what these interrogations?”.

But they just had one. In my speech sounded a phrase, and then everything was already done and installed as they were convenient.

It’s a shame to tears that you shamelessly humiliate, provoke, use and just throw in the furnace of this political farce. Make you a pawn in the game, which is aimed at worsening ethnic conflict in the game, where people impose who is friend and who is foe.

I come to you. With me were friends and of course you! Thanks for the support all those who did not succumb to provocations. Those in whose hearts, like in my love lives for all people of the world, no matter what, especially in their place of residence on this planet. Life goes on,” wrote Glucose.

Video survey of Glucose on the border