The singer Nastya Kamenskih be congratulated on the pregnancy?

Певицу Настю Каменских можно поздравлять с беременностью?

The phenomenon of pregnancy, for each of the fair sex becomes truly meaningful and exciting event, and for media personalities is more exciting many times over. They almost 24 hours a day, are under the gun cameras and as a consequence “acquire” a variety of rumors. And pregnancy celebrity, as well as the lack of it, was a great opportunity for journalists to come up with the scoop before the others, so the stars sometimes have to go to all sorts of tricks to somehow hide from prying paparazzi, writes Not spared this situation, and the celebrity, which now will be discussed in this article.

The singer Nastya Kamensky (NK) is enjoying a holiday in Turkey in the company of rapper Potap, but even there finds time for his favorite followers. Recently the actress posted on his account on the social network Instagram a provocative photo that gave rise to various rumors.

The singer in a white bathing suit relaxing on a comfortable couch, willingly posing for the camera, blew a huge bubble with bubble gum.

Subscribers do not have to hesitate with comments, some of them began to accuse the singer in excess of candor, loss of conscience and shame, the other was subjected to violent criticism very full, in their opinion, figure and advised her to start losing weight, but turn up and those who dared to speculate that the singer’s belly became rounded as a result of pregnancy.

However, the Anastasia Kamensky has yet to respond to the comments of subscribers, decided to provide an opportunity for subscribers themselves to guess about her “interesting position”. That’s basically everything I wanted to tell in this article. “Wow, very beautiful and dressed!” Skinny Kamensky was fascinated by the network in an elegant way.