The singer of the Hardkiss Yulia Sanin admitted that Val Bebko was her first man

Солистка The Hardkiss Юлия Санина призналась, что Вал Бебко стал ее первым мужчиной

The soloist of the rock band the Hardkiss Julia Sanina told that a loved Valery bebko, whom she married in 2011, became her first man.

This is stated in the “Life of famous people”. Official web site The Hardkiss Yulia Sanin married guitarist Valeriy Bebko in 2011, and in November 2015 the lovers had a son, Daniel. The actress admits that Val was her first man.

According to Sanina, for women are not very well regularly change men.

I recently stumbled across a vlog on the Internet, where girls sit and talk about sexuality, orgasms. And judging by what they say, they change partners and loved ones once a month. In two months. But I see that eyes unhappy. I don’t think that cool women to change men
commented star.

Julia does not hide the fact that her husband had many relationships before her. “As he says – all in principle, but the soul is very similar. So I believe him in this regard”, – said the singer.

In addition, Russia does not hide your reunify character. In her opinion, it is sometimes good for the relationship, because it refreshes them.

“You understand that you can lose it. Therefore, it is necessary to be kinder. As something to support them. Fire. I just know very well of the Shaft. He’s so lazy it would be for someone behind my back… that I, in principle, calm,” said Julia.