The six main news of Ukraine and world on 19:00 January 2

Шесть главных новостей Украины и мира на 19:00 2 января

02.01.2020, 19:00


Every day at 19:00 publishes main news of the day. Nothing extra – only the important

1. IN UKRAINE, INCREASED CAR SALES. In 2019 in Ukraine it was registered nearly 88 of 500 new cars, which is 8% higher than last year. Only in the month of December, the Ukrainians have bought 9200 new passenger cars. In 2019, the most popular in Ukraine used Renault cars, and the most popular was the KIA Sportage (read more).

2. THE NETHERLANDS REFUSED TO NAME HOLLAND. This was done to create a unified national brand, explained the foreign Ministry. Companies, authorities, institutions and publications began to use only the name “Netherlands”. Also as part of the new strategy, the Netherlands will be the official brand to the Eurovision song contest, which will be held in Rotterdam in 2020, and during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The national football team abroad is often called Holland, now also will be called exclusively by the Netherlands (read more).

3. TAIWAN PLANE CRASH KILLED THE HEAD OF THE ARMED FORCES. In addition to the head of the General staff of Shen Imine, killing seven officers: one Colonel, one captain, two senior NCOs, one major and two generals. Military Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the mountains. On Board were 13 people. Managed to survive (read more).

4. HOW CHANGED THE CASH RATE IN THE NEW YEAR. 2 January average purchase rate of cash dollar in Ukrainian banks grew by 3.14 COP and is 23,6637 UAH. The selling rate grew by 14.66 COP to 24,5916 UAH. The maximum purchase rate amounted to 24.2 UAH, the minimum selling rate – of 24.09 UAH. The average rate of buying the Euro fell by 0.62 kopecks and amounts to UAH 26,1968. The average selling rate grew by 10.46 COP to 27,3853. Sell the Euro can be expensive for 26.9 UAH, buy cheaper – 26,7 UAH. The average purchase rate of 10 Russian rubles fell by 11.2 COP and is 3,291 UAH for 10 Russian rubles. The average selling rate grew by 0.8 of a COP and is 3,912 UAH. The maximum rate of cash purchase offered by banks – 3,77 UAH for 10 rubles, the minimum selling rate – UAH 3,8 (read more).

5. RECORD THE STRIKE IN FRANCE. Protest against the reform raising the retirement age, which lasts for about a month. The latest record was set more than 30 years ago, in the winter of 1986-1987 employees of the transport industry went on strike for 28 days in a row, crippling the network in the country. Now the protest is open-ended, however, on 7 January between the government and trade unions held another round of negotiations, which will determine further developments in the country (read more).

6. THE PAYMENT OF PENSIONS IN ORDA POSSIBLE ONLY AFTER DE-OCCUPATION. This opinion was expressed by Vice Prime Minister on European integration Dmitry Kuleba. According to him, now for the payment of pensions no no technical features in terms of security. He recalled that at the moment there is a mechanism for obtaining pensions, according to which recipients must travel to the government-controlled Ukrainian territory. According to Kuleba, legislative initiatives on payment of pensions to residents of the temporarily occupied territories should be, “because you need to constantly look for ways to address the issue” (read more).