The slaughterhouse in California was arranged by a former marine

Бойню в Калифорнии устроил бывший морпех

28-year-old Ian David long, staged a massacre at a bar in a suburb of Los Angeles, California, previously served in the armed forces of the United States in Afghanistan. This was reported by local media citing data from the Ministry of defense. Wednesday night long armed with a gun “Glock 21” 45-caliber pistol, shot the security guard at the entrance to the bar and Grill Borderline Bar and then opened indiscriminate fire. The attack killed 12 people. The same number were injured.

The gunman killed himself. As reported by the Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean, have long had problems with mentality: “we had contact with Mr. long for many years. It was a minor event, such as a traffic accident. In 2015, he was beaten in a local bar. In April of this year in the house where he lived, was called by the police. With him was interviewed. Long was angry and was acting a little strange.”

At the time of the attack in the bar were a few hundred people, mostly young people. According to the Sheriff, it could be much worse, and victims could be more.

The US President Donald trump called the incident terrible. In his Twitter he wrote: “May God bless the victims and families of victims.” Trump also noted the “great courage” shown by the police and expressed gratitude to law enforcement officials.

Among the dead is a police Sergeant 29-year-old Ron Hylas. He arrived on the scene at a time when there was still shooting. He was mortally wounded and died in hospital.

Bloody incidents involving firearms happen in the USA regularly. 27 Oct in a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh killed 11 people.

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