The slowdown in GDP growth in the Eurozone

Замедление роста ВВП еврозоны

According to forecasts of the European Commission’s economic growth in the Eurozone in coming years will slow down.

European Commissioner for economy and Finance Pierre Moscovici said: “this year GDP growth may amount to 2.1% and next year of 1.9%, this also applies to the EU as a whole.”

Editor of EURONEWS TV channel Sasha explains That: “Why growth is expected to slow? Among the external concerns of the European Commission — possible overheating of the economy in the United States and, as a consequence, an increase in interest rates, and escalating trade tensions between the US and China. Within the Eurozone — two main factors: “brakcet” and as such, budgets of indebted countries such as Italy. Thus Britain and Italy may lag behind other EU countries”.

Evaluation of the growth of the British economy is based on the assumption that after the “breccia” Britain and the EU will be able to maintain the status quo in trade relations. But, judging by how negotiations on the terms of the agreement, the status quo may change.

According to forecasts of the European Commission, Italy’s GDP next year will increase by 1.2% and will not reach the goal of the Italian government at 1.5%.

Pierre Moscovici said: “the Issues of consumption and investment in Italy, as well as other international organizations have estimated more careful than it does the Italian government”.

It is expected that by 2020 the national debt of Italy is not reduced, as required by the rules of the EU, and will remain at the level of 130% of GDP.

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