The smartphone saved the life of a man: the details of the incident

Cмартфон спас жизнь мужчине: детали инцидента

Australian, armed with a bow and arrow, tried to shoot the man who photographed him on a mobile phone. However, he was saved by a smartphone.

The incident occurred in the village of Nimbin near Brisbane, New South Wales. The day before yesterday, March 13, a local resident noticed around his house a man armed with a bow and arrow, and began photographing him. It is reported by CNN.

Archer was an acquaintance of men, he, for unknown reasons shot him. The Aussie saved the smartphone boom broke the phone and slightly grazed his chin, leaving a small scratch.

Cмартфон спас жизнь мужчине: детали инцидента

In Australia smartphone saved man.

After that arrived at the scene the police, who arrested the attacker and charged him with assault. He was subsequently released on bail, the court hearing on the case is scheduled for April 15.

As previously reported, the American saved the woman because of the way reanimation of the Comedy series.

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