The smartwatch market is growing rapidly: the leader of the unmodified

Рынок умных часов стремительно растет: лидер неизмененный

The smartwatch market continues to grow rapidly. In the first quarter of 2019, the volume of supply of electronic gadgets has increased by almost half (48%).

Writes in this segment of the market is further dominated by Apple with the Apple Watch lineup. They occupy 35.8% of market share.

Overall, shipments of the Apple Watch for the year increased by 49%. This is due to the popularity of the new generation of the Apple Watch Series 4.

In second place was Samsung, it accounts for 11.1 per cent of the market. Interestingly, for the year Samsung managed to increase supplies by 127%.

Third, fourth and fifth line of the rating took brands Imoo, Fitbit and Xiaomi Amazfit, respectively.

Why the Apple Watch Series 4 so popular. The most interesting feature of the new generation of reasonable hours was the ability to do an electrocardiogram. While there is no such function in any smart watches.

Another important advantage of the new Apple Watch – fixing the fall of the owner. If the user falls for awhile and are active, the watch will call for an ambulance.

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