The smoke from the fires will make a revolution around the Earth, and again will cover Australia

Дым от пожаров совершит оборот вокруг Земли и опять накроет Австралию

NASA scientists warn of a new danger to the mainland.

Smoke from forest fires that are already raging for several months in Australia, will make a full rotation around the Earth and again will cover this continent.

With such a warning made by NASA scientists. According to TSN with reference to CNN, experts at the American space Agency has analysed satellite data obtained since mid-December, 2019. It turned out that the smoke from the forest fires in Australia “overcome” half way back to the mainland. However, the consequences of natural disasters experienced in other countries and areas.

Most affected New Zealand which is near Australia. Smoke from forest fires “brought” to this country not only a spectacular red sunsets, but and covered with ashes snow-capped peaks.

NASA scientists explain that this could rises to a height of 10 km and with the movement of the air mass it can travel thousands of miles.

The increase in the concentration of dangerous particles, arising from fires, was recorded in the air over South America. Could currently moving back to Australia.

As expected, the smoke from the fires will return to the mainland early February.

Forest fires started in Australia in October 2019, and since then, the country has already burned about 15 million hectares, thousands of homes were destroyed. The total death toll was 27 people. It is also reported almost a billion dead animals.