The social insurance Fund has changed its annual budget

Фонд соцстраха изменил свой годовой бюджет

Yesterday, June 12, the Board of the social insurance Fund of Ukraine (FSS) approved changes in the Fund’s annual budget.

As the press service FSS, the decision was taken at a meeting chaired by first Deputy social policy Minister Yevgeny Cat. The event was held in a videoconference format.

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In FSS noted that the Fund’s Board adopted amendments to the budget for 2020 to clarify the planned indicators of revenue and expenditure parts of the budget, in particular, in allocating financial assistance Fund.

It will provide FSU 2 billion 278,8 million UAH of financial assistance from the Fund of struggle against acute respiratory disease COVID-19.

Released from the SST-employed and unemployed are entitled to the payment of social insurance

The money will be allocated for the following purposes:

– 1 billion 807,7 million UAH will be allocated on a returnable basis to ensure smooth payout of material security to insured persons in terms of quarantine;

– 471,1 million UAH – on irrevocable basis for the payment of lump sums to family members of medical and other employees of healthcare institutions who have died from coronavirus infections, as well as compensation for lost earnings during isolation from COVID-19.

In addition, the meeting was updated the Procedure for drawing up and execution of the budget of the Fund and Codes of economic classification of budget expenditures.

These changes are technical in nature and approved for the resolution granting financial assistance Fund.