The social network was much discussion of new photos of Ani Lorak

Соцсети бурно обсуждают новое фото Ани Лорак

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who recently enticed fans with news about the upcoming premiere, posted a new Instagram photo, which she rides in the car.

The Lorak was signed: “the Most interesting road – the road to yourself!” In the pictures, the singer is depicted in a gray warm jacket with lettering on the sleeve and loose hair, the pair is finished with light day make-up.

However, the photo is relished not to all subscribers of the singer. Some traditionally reproached Lorak in excessive love for suspenders and plastic, some in a poor choice of stylists who select the unsuitable bows, and some just wrote: “ran away from the shooting of the horror film?”, “straško” or “strasidla”. Under the image there are a large number of laudatory reviews in which fans celebrate the beauty of the singer and her talent.

Соцсети бурно обсуждают новое фото Ани Лорак