The Solar system is a rival to the seven planets – astronomers

Astronomers have discovered an analogue of the solar system, the center of which is a red dwarf TRAPPIST-1. The new entity brings together the seven planets.

У Солнечной системы появился конкурент с семью планетами - астрономы

Scientists are studying the vastness of space found in the universe system, which is similar to the Sun. It is believed that it is the most suitable for the space colonization. It is established that the center of tumors is space red dwarf TRAPPIST-1, which has a strong radiation. Its dimensions are rather small and amount to only 8% of the mass of the Sun. Around her revolve the seven planets are fairly close because of the cold.

This compactness contributes to the formation of the periodic convergence of the heavenly bodies, which leads to the warming up of their bowels. It is established that TRAPPIST-1 has a lot of hydrogen, which contributes to “blowing” water. On planets that are located closest to the red dwarf also no water due to a large heating. While experts are confident that at TRAPPIST-1 is only the initial atmosphere and the ice, which is located on its outskirts.

Such a system is at a distance of 39 light years from Earth. Scientists compare red dwarf with mercury, with which they like their kamenistoe, but in the Land of TRAPPIST-1 is similar to the presence of hydrogen.

It is reported that by 2021, the scientists under the leadership of James Webb will be able to detect and eighth planet in the new system, and while they can only predict its orbit. Such a discovery can revolutionize the canons of astronomy.

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