The soloist of the group Freedom Jazz became a mother

Солистка группы Freedom Jazz стала мамой

The soloist of the group Freedom Jazz, who took second place in the national selection for Eurovision-2019 and refused to represent Ukraine in Israel, Anastasia Malaga gave birth to a child on Tuesday, April 2.

This group was announced on his official page in Instagram.

Recall that Anastasia has performed on 8-m month of pregnancy with a group of jazz Freedom during the National selection for Eurovision with the song Cupidon 2019. It rounded belly was the highlight of the room girls.

Anastasia gave birth to our wonderful little Cupid, who looked her in the eyes and asked: “Mom, we’re going to Eurovision, or not?”… We so admire you! As an artist, mother and an incredible woman! You combined everything. You are an example of what should be each of us! Wish you and the baby health and happiness
says in the caption.

Why Ukraine did not choose the representative for Eurovision-2019?
By results of voting of the star judges and spectators, the final of the national selection for Eurovision-2019 singer MARUV won. After criticism of her performances in Russia and the ambiguous position concerning the war in the East of Ukraine, NSTU decided not to sign the agreement with MARUV. The artist herself stated that no scheduled performances in Russia are a reason for this.

Subsequently, the representatives of NSTU invited the other finalists of the national selection to represent the country on Eurovision song contest in 2019, but they refused. Therefore, in 2019, none of the Ukrainian artist will take the stage competition in tel Aviv.