The soloist of the group KAZKA wants to star in an erotic photo shoot for the gloss: photo 18+

A group of KAZKA presented one of the most explicit clips in its history, “Palale”. However, as it turned out, the soloist of the band Alexander zaritska wants to star in a photo shoot for a men’s magazine and is preparing their fans for it.

In the “high life” vocalist KAZKA added that while this is only her dream. For a possible photo shoot of Alexander zaritska plans to get in shape and gradually prepares fans for naked pictures.

One of the stages of this training was the erotic video for the song “Palala”. A video in which naked men get mouth Alexandra Zaritskaya thread has managed to excite the network. The author of the provocative video has emerged of the Ukrainian clipmaker Alan Badoev.

To be on the cover of gloss I’d like to get in shape, but it’s one of my dreams. For a new candid clip I was making my public photos on instagram, where is seen a little ass. Now reviews already written I took laurels in MARUV, now we have vulgar,
– said Alexander Zaritskaya.

Indeed, the buxom singer has repeatedly demonstrated her body in a swimsuit and published provocative enough footage. What erotic imagery distinguished the soloist of group Alexander KAZKA zaritska in 2019 – see collection LifeStyle 24