The soloist of the Rammstein till Lindemann had his jaw broken fan: a well-known cause of the incident

Солист Rammstein Тилль Линдеманн сломал челюсть поклоннику: известна причина инцидента

German singer till Lindemann, who is the longtime vocalist of the popular band Rammstein, was in a bad situation. Because of the conflict, the artist has hit the supporter and broke his jaw.

According to the publication Vild, the incident occurred at a hotel in the German city of Munich. There till Lindemann and the musicians of his group settled at the time of the concert. In the evening, the artist decided to relax in the company of two friends, taking an inconspicuous seat at the bar. However, the privacy they failed.

One of the tourists from Hamburg learned the star of rock music and asked for a photo with the lead singer of Rammstein. Rejection by till Lindemann, the man calmed down and began to blatantly insult a friend of the artist. The famous rocker began immediately to demand an apology in front of the woman. As a result, the dispute between Till Lindemann and tourists ended the fight. The singer repeatedly struck the fan, and then he fell.

To the place of incident there arrived militiamen who recorded the fact of a fight. Doctors, who arrived to the hotel, diagnosed supporter till Lindemann fracture of the jaw. Who is the soloist of the Rammstein not commented on the scandalous incident, and continues his tour.

Note that on 8 – 9 June at the stadium in Munich, the band Rammstein has already played a massive concert. A performance by a popular team came about 140 thousand music lovers. Tour till Lindeman organized in support of their new album, which has no name yet. The album contains 11 tracks – Deutschland Radio, Zeig dich, Ausländer, Sex, Puppe, Was ich liebe, Diamant, Weit weg, Tattoo, Hallomann.