The “Sonic movie” the most successful launch in the United States among movies games

У «Соника в кино» самый успешный старт в США среди фильмов по играм

Sonic ran to the movies in a very successful period in the US are a long weekend in honor of the Presidential day, and worldwide, couples spend leisure time together, because February 14. Due to the combined factors of the film shows the successful start among film adaptations of video games.

As IGN writes, “the Sonic movie” predicted 40 to $ 45 million in its first weekend in North America, however, as a result, the film has collected 57 million. In other countries brought a further 43 million. Thus the box office debut of the weekend exceeded 100 million.

The previous record holder in the United States among adaptations of video games was “Detective Pikachu” – 54.3 million dollars on the first weekend. While its budget was 150 million, and “Sonic movie” took in approximately 87 million. Common results

rentals around the world now leading Warcraft (439 million) and “Detective Pikachu” takes the second place (433 million).

Reviews about the”Sonic movie” lukewarm: 63% from critics and 95% from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes, 46 out of 100 on Metacritic and an “A” on CinemaScore polls among cinemagoers. As they say, not great, not terrible, although by the standards of the gaming adaptations of points is very decent.

Russia “sonic movie” run so far this week, 20 Feb.