The sooner, the cheaper in Ukrzaliznytsya want to introduce new principles in ticket prices

Чем раньше, тем дешевле: в Укрзализныце хотят ввести новые принципы цен на билеты

In the us plan to change the approach to pricing when selling tickets. The basic principle is borrowed from the aviation industry – the sooner you buy the ticket, the cheaper it is.

In an interview with Business Censor told the Director of “Ukrzaliznytsia” Marcin Celejewski.

“We want to sell tickets, as the aircraft with the lowest price in advance and with a higher price directly closer to the date of travel. This will help us to expand our offerings and this, to reach more clients,” he said.

According to Zelivskeho, a system of sale of tickets planned to be introduced for trains “intercity” and “intercity+” and for long-distance trains trains.

Currently, the issue is in the process of developing, appropriate studies.

As noted Zelewski, now “uz” one, is almost constant, the price of the ticket on all days. This price and pricing do not take into account the needs of the huge reservoir of people. And that’s not right.

“We seem to equate all people in terms of income, forgetting that for some people our price is too high, and some can pay more,” – said Board member TIES.

He stressed that the tariff system needs to be flexible, you can’t just raise fares.

We will remind, Marcin Celejewski, more than 9 years in the airline LOT; has experience in Qatar Airways.

Was part of the Board of PKP Intercity, operator of long-distance trains (and later high speed trains). In this field he is remembered for introducing the new tariff system for passenger transport.

Previously, the tariffs for transportation of passengers in Poland was calculated on the basis of the length of the route. The price has not changed, regardless of the date of purchase for the week or the day before departure. Marcin Celejewski decided to bring the experience of aviation and to introduce a system of discounts.

The system works in the following way. For example, the minimum price for a trip in fast train from Warsaw to Krakow was 49 PLN. Tickets at this price in the reservation system was a little, so they quickly ended. Later in the sale got tickets at a discount from 30 to 10 percent. The discount is reduced as you get closer to the date.

“Pendolino is a train for everyone. The new pricing strategy will allow you to use them as attractive clients, students, families that buy tickets in advance, and businessmen who do it immediately before the departure of the train,” said Marcin Celejewski.

But the passengers were not ready to such innovation. The head of PKP Intercity much criticized for radical innovations, though passengers used to the changes.

It should be noted that this tariff system still operates.