The Soviet government feared the dumping of nuclear bombs on Moscow with “Shuttle”

Советская власть опасалась сброса ядерной бомбы на Москву с "Шаттла"

Historian of Astronautics Paul Shubin published the first report of Soviet scientists, who feared the dumping of nuclear bombs on Moscow, with reusable manned spacecraft Space Shuttle.

The researchers of the Academy of Sciences led by Mstislav Keldysh believed that “Shuttle” is enough for 80 minutes to get over the socialist camp. When attacking through the South pole he would have also been able to circumvent the Soviet detection. On the computer was modeled a possible way of armed spacecraft.

While scientists pointed out that to use a Shuttle directly to intelligence would be more effective. The United States had Intercontinental ballistic missiles, more suitable for the destruction of the Soviet Union. However, according to experts in aviation Vadim Lukashevich, it was after this report work began on the Soviet analog of the “Shuttle” the Shuttle “Buran”, which has similar capabilities.

On the eve of Ruposters published an article by Vladimir Severgina that in some ways will compete with the NATO countries and Russia in space.