The spacecraft Crew Dragon exploded during testing – video

Космический корабль Crew Dragon взорвался во время тестирования – видео

During testing of manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon happened “anomaly”, in which the explosion occurred. Video moment of explosion is actively spreading in social networks.

According to Business Insider, this test was one of the last stages of testing emergency rescue vehicle Crew Dragon. The next step was to do flight tests.

During testing the system was to show that the crew can escape even under conditions of high aerodynamic drag. Preliminary tests passed successfully.

What they say in SpaceX? The company commented on the situation is not very active. They said that “faced with the anomaly.” Now the team are working on a solution. However, no additional information is not provided.

Regarding the video with the explosion, SpaceX has not confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the recording.

What test Crew Dragon?
This is one of two manned spacecraft, designed and manufactured for NASA. It was created in the framework of the program for the development of private space vehicles NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

So NASA wants to get its own spacecraft, which could deliver U.S. astronauts to the ISS. For now, the Agency uses Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

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