The spacecraft made a sensational discovery on the moon: “the difference in the ground”

Космический аппарат сделал сенсационное открытие на Луне: "различие в грунте"

Nights on the back was much more dangerous than scientists previously thought

Astrophysicists from China analyzed data from the moon sent to Earth the probe “Chang’e-4”. Thanks to them, the researchers found sensational information about earth’s natural satellite. It reports the press service of the China national space administration (CNSA).

“Chang’e-4” was named after the Chinese goddess of the moon. January 3, him for the first time in the history of mankind was taken on the far side of the moon lander “UTU-2”. Soon after landing, the Rover plunged into hibernation. On 29 January he woke up and started its work with new energy. “Chang’e-4” fixed temperature at night.

As it turned out, the lunar surface cools much stronger than predicted by the calculations of scientists. The first night the temperature around the probe dropped to 190 degrees Celsius. Zhang He, the Manager of the mission Chang’e-4 was named the Chinese news Agency estimated the reason of such coldness on the moon and the mistakes of the scientists. “This is probably due to differences in the composition of the lunar soil between the two sides of the moon” – said the expert.

Now “Chang’e-4, will” continue to conduct experiments in the crater of Pocket. As noted by the representatives of CNSA probe is in excellent condition and has the tools developed by scientists from Sweden, Germany and China. He will have to study other conditions on the surface of the moon. In particular, the level of cosmic radiation and the influence of the solar wind.

Earlier, the Chinese tried to do another sensational experiment on the reverse surface of the moon. They are planted in the lunar soil, the first sprout of cotton, delivered “Chang’e-4”. The spacecraft has covered a living organism in a special capacity. However, was defeated.

The plant died within 9 days after landing. As reported scientists, the germ simply wilted. The researchers stated that it was ready to such result. Yet even the containers can not protect organisms from the adverse conditions of the moon.

Experts investigating the death of the plant reported that the cause of death cotton was the drop in temperature to minus 150 degrees Celsius. Already then it became clear that the reverse side is very cold. Now, however, the Moon has surprised scientists more than a strong frost.

Космический аппарат сделал сенсационное открытие на Луне: "различие в грунте"

Космический аппарат сделал сенсационное открытие на Луне: "различие в грунте"