The spaceship SpaceX successfully flew Starhopper: video

Звездолет SpaceX Starhopper успешно взлетел: видео

After two consecutive failed attempts to run the test Starhopper spaceship company SpaceX has released the results of the third test launch of a prototype spacecraft Starship. This time he managed to get off the ground.

In addition, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk has already revealed details regarding the next phase of tests of the engine of the future spaceship Starship, reports The Verge.

Details of the test. During 15-second “jump” Starhopper yourself off the ground and successfully returned to the launch pad.

Compact prototype was created to test multiple starship Starship that can take off and land vertically. The current tests are primarily for testing of the Raptor engine – own design SpaceX.

A successful “jump” prototype spacecraft SpaceX Starship – see the video

CEO Elon Musk has announced the successful implementation of the mission, although in the smoke and flames on the screen is difficult to see how high flew the ship. In the coming weeks will be the next stage of testing, during which the ship must climb to the height of 200 meters.

Other tests prototype ship Starship. Now the company is building another two prototypes of the Starship, each of which will feature not one, but three engines. Musk hopes that in the next few months one of them will be able to fly to a height of 20 kilometers.

Recall that the final version of Starship must use six engines and used in combination with booster Super Heavy with three and a half dozens of Raptor on Board.

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