The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule after an accident could burn to the ground

Капсула SpaceX Crew Dragon после аварии могла сгореть дотла

Company SpaceX and the National space Agency NASA are investigating the cause of the accident Crew Dragon. Note, this capsule was designed to transport astronauts to the ISS.

We will remind, during testing of manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon happened “anomaly”, which resulted in the explosion. The incident occurred April 20, and luckily there were no human casualties and injuries.

After this incident over the test area at Cape Canaveral (Florida), were seen clubs orange smoke, and Twitter has a video with an explosion accompanied with flame. After some time the video removed.

Капсула SpaceX Crew Dragon после аварии могла сгореть дотла

Smoke after the accident, the Crew Dragon

As reported by CNET, the information about the event is very scarce. It is possible that after the explosion the Crew Dragon capsule was destroyed. However, NASA insists that the investigation into the incident with the spacecraft will take time and calls for patience.

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