The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will return astronauts from the ISS to the Ground in early August

Корабль SpaceX Crew Dragon вернет астронавтов с МКС на Землю в начале августа

Spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon with astronauts aboard will return to Earth in early August. This information was announced by the head of the manned program space Agency NASA’s Steve Stich (Steve Stich).

His statement led NASA in Twitter account. According to Stitch, the first possibility of undocking of the spacecraft from the International space station will appear about August 2.

When will @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug return to Earth?

“It looks like the first opportunity to undock and come home would be around August the 2nd.” @Commercial_Crew program manager Steve Stich says our LaunchAmerica astronauts could come home in the August time frame. – NASA (@NASA) June 24, 2020

We will remind that on may 30 at 22:22 Falcon 9 rocket with the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon kicked off with the 39th launch complex of the Space center named after John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Florida. This launch for the first time for Crew Dragon was held in the manned mode, that is with a crew on Board. Before the ship SpaceX flying to the ISS without crew, if such, of course, except for the dummy Ripley.

May 31 Crew Dragon successfully docked in automatic mode to the ISS. After that, a crew of astronauts Douglas Hurley (Hurley Doug) and Robert Behnken (Bob Behnken) was transferred on Board the space station.