The Spanish Bank began to implant chips under the skin of clients

Испанский банк начал вживлять чипы под кожу клиентов

Recently the Spanish banking group Banco Sabadell has unveiled a prototype NFC chip that can be implanted under the skin, for example, between the forefinger and thumb and pay with a purchase. Models such financiers was presented at the mobile world Congress in Spain on February 25-28, reports

This is the same chip the size of a grain of sand are used mainly in the treatment of various diseases or are used as a keys smart locks on the entrance to the apartment, but in Banco Sabadell has decided that they may perform payment functions. Introduce them by means of an injection syringe, and can be extracted at any convenient time.

Director for service solutions Banco Sabadell Anna Puigoriol, however, admitted that the new product will not fit all customers.

“We are working to meet the needs of our clients. And it is now conducting several pilot projects that tested these payment innovations. For one, they make life more comfortable, and among others do not survive. However, it all depends on how it’s going to perceive the customer,” she said.

Test the new chip has already accepted two volunteers. They decided to in their body is implanted new miroustrojstvo-implant, after which they will be able to conduct payment by the Bank group Banco Sabadell – Sabadell only one wave of the hand.