The specialist said, potatoes what color is the most useful

Специалист сообщила, картофель какого цвета самый полезный

According to the website, dietitian mariyat Mukhina said, potatoes what colors are the most useful.

The greatest benefit of the body will eating potatoes red, yellow or purple. The most useful is the purple potatoes with the peel and the pulp is purple.

Use potato of violet color that it has an average of starchy texture and a mild nutty flavor. The purple color because it contains anthocyanin, is related to antioxidant compounds. Scientists have found that this type of potato contains more antioxidant compounds, and white potatoes in this respect, cannot compete with purple.

Antioxidant compounds possess useful properties which are very useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Moreover, purple potatoes are high in potassium, which is especially important for people with hypertension.

According to the us researchers, the daily consumption of purple potatoes in the amount of six pieces will help to reduce pressure by 4%.