The specialist told us how to protect smartphone from damage during cold weather

Специалист рассказал, как уберечь смартфон от поломки во время холодов

Winter frosts, ice and snow – not the best time of year for smartphones. These expensive gadgets are exposed to many dangers.

But, as shown by Explorer Ben Saunders on his Galaxy A5 during travel to the South pole, the smartphone should work fine in the winter with careful handling.

In cold weather it is important to do everything possible to keep the smartphone cool. Do not put the smartphone in a handbag or backpack, but keep it as close to the body, for example, in an inner pocket or Trouser pocket.

Liquid crystal displays are particularly sensitive to cold. The liquid crystals can freeze and for some time to make a display incapable or even permanently damage it in the event of continued cold. OLED panels do not have this problem, but also not meant for extreme cold. So in the cold it is necessary to use the phone for long.

In addition to the display, suffering from a cold battery, the capacity of which is markedly reduced. But the connection of the battery to the charger in the cold season is bad for him. So to charge your smartphone should only after he again reaches normal temperature. If the smartphone used as a GPS while driving, do not leave it in a cold car and take with you.

In addition to cold, the second biggest problem is the humidity. Winter rains and snow, and slush, puddles, drops and ice – all of it is harmful for your smartphone. Can protect your phone waterproof cover. But there’s a hidden danger: moisture from condensation. In the cold, this condensate may even freeze. In this case, it is necessary to unfreeze the phone at room temperature, but in any case not to use the heaters display glass may crack.

In the fall of man on snow and ice usually smartphone also falls. Protective case significantly reduces the risk to the phone if dropped. It also protects from moisture, but the heat doesn’t retain.

If your smartphone is wet or on the inside glass display moisture, it is necessary to switch off the phone, quickly remove the SIM card and memory card and leave the slot open so the moisture can escape and evaporate. If the smartphone has a removable battery, it is also necessary for quick retrieval. Smartphone you need to give at least one day to dry. Even if it will work again can lead to damage due to corrosion, which will appear later.