“The spirit molecule”: a Drug, devised by aliens to destroy humans – experts

The destruction of consciousness and a final farewell to reality, brings the use of the psychedelic drug DMT, suddenly appeared in the middle of the last century simultaneously in all countries.

«Молекула Духа»: Наркотик, придуманный пришельцами для уничтожения землян – эксперты

Experts are watching the spread of the world dimethyltryptamine and its impact on social processes came to the conclusion that “the spirit molecule” is a drug that is specially invented by aliens to destroy the earth. As you know, according to the Treaty of intergalactic higher civilizations, they do not have the right to apply physical force for the occupation of planets inhabited by intelligent beings. The study of the effects of DMT on the human mind, faced with the problems of coding of hallucinations in people in dependence on “the spirit molecule”. None of the subjects could not clearly define, and even more so to put into words what happened to them after taking DMT. From scraps of disparate information is bleak picture.

«Молекула Духа»: Наркотик, придуманный пришельцами для уничтожения землян – эксперты

People who took DMT or “flies” into a space where the mind splits into components on the mosaic type. Each brain cell watches offered outside of the picture. Of these, the most frequently mentioned infinite space strewn with fragrant plants, giant, bright butterflies move between the shining lights that change color. At the end of a narcotic drug, often there is a black tunnel, one that was observed by many people who have experienced clinical death. Next, a terrible depression, after waking up from a dream, inspired by DMT. The person feels on the Ground, in daily life miserable, and blind worm debris in the perfect universe of the Universe. Psychologists and physiologists attribute this condition with powerful drugs affect the “pleasure centers” of the brain. Experts in extraterrestrial civilizations have a different opinion. They believe that this state from euphoria to depression and is the main means of alien “propaganda.”

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