The splits 70: Warm water and gymnastics will save the joints

Retired from Ryazan on an empty stomach, drinking warm water and doing light stretching.

Ridiculously simple recipe will bring back the elasticity of the skin and joints. To consolidate the effect, you need to perform a simple exercise.

Ryazan pensioner Anastasia Panasenkova able in his 70 easily do the splits, bends his fingers back and every morning starts with a light warm-up. Amazing elasticity of joints and skin Anastasia Vasilievna explains one simple fact – 250ml of hot water on an empty stomach, half an hour before Breakfast daily.

I heat water to 45-50 degrees and drink slow SIPS. As well as light stretching. This is what saves my joints and save your, – says the grandmother.

Hot water on an empty stomach cleanses the intestines from food remnants from the previous day, normalizes the acid-alkaline balance. Detoxification of the body through the epidermis. Improves skin condition leaving facial swelling. High water temperature accelerates the blood. And improved exchange of blood in turn, it nourishes the body, including the joints – it gradually returns to its former elasticity.

However, though doctors agree with the methodology, Anastasia Vasilyevna, both in terms of hot water, and enshrining its effect exercises, but I advise you not to start immediately with a pretty tough twines.

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Meat broth with vegetables gives a boost of energy for work. You need to focus on the individual characteristics of health and start with more simple exercises. To complicate exercises should only if the body is positively reacting to it.