The sports doctor from Melitopol told how to breathe correctly to be healthy (video)

Спортивный доктор из Мелитополя рассказал, как правильно дышать, чтобы быть здоровым (видео)

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues the cycle of programs “Your health” with host Dr. sports medicine Vladimir Bukin. Today we will focus on proper breathing, which is the basis of functioning of the body. The doctor will show you simple exercises, doing that, you can improve your health.

It is known that without oxygen a person can live no longer than 7 minutes. Scientists have found that the air contains positively and negatively charged ions. A lot of negative ions in the forest, the mountains and the sea. In these places one feels a surge of strength. But in a stuffy unventilated room, the amount of negative ions drastically reduced. Hence the drowsiness, headaches, generally feeling unwell.

– If the person often breathes deeply, the body includes a natural protective mechanism to stop the leakage of carbon dioxide. As a result, there is a spasm in the blood vessels, bronchi, and smooth muscle, a lot of mucus accumulates in the lungs and bronchi. Scientists have filled that about 150 diseases, such as hypertension, ischemia, asthma is associated with hyperventilation. We exhale excessive carbon dioxide. Therefore, the main treatment method breathing is to the right of its regulation. The breathing should be deep and rare.

The simplest harmonizing effects on our body is rhythmic breathing. You inhale through the left nostril, and exhale through the right. And Vice versa. Recommended for 7 cycles 4 times per day. It harmonizes the brain, shares his first secret of normalization of the respiratory Vladimir Bukin.

There are a couple of exercises in the Arsenal of the doctor. Breathing through the right nostril is considered to be a Sunny, energizing and exciting. It increases the pressure. And breathing through the left half of the nose is lunar, calming, cooling breath. It slightly lowers blood pressure. Even by this exercise can reduce the emotional anxiety, I’m sure a sports medicine doctor.

– During inhalation occurs spasm of all capillaries. In the body they are only 95 thousand miles and all of our tissues and organs are powered via the capillary network. So, during inhalation, the capillaries are narrowed. And during the exhale expand. If we do exhale 2 times longer breaths, we are expanding the capillaries and so is the treatment process. Recommend for 4 seconds or a step to take a breath for 8 seconds then hold your breath for 7 and exhale.

In the first half of the day it is recommended to do breath two times longer than the exhale. And secondly Vice versa. That is, 8-7-4, and 4-7-8. This is the treatment of breath – said Vladimir Bukin.

And the doctor advises not to neglect trivial things: more likely to be outdoors in a Park or forest. Winter is not to be lazy and to ventilate the room to humidify the air. And remember – the health of the coolness in the room is better than the heat and dryness.

More tips look at the video.