The St. Petersburg rally in support of the defendants in the “Network” against political repression and capitalism…

Петербургский митинг в поддержку фигурантов "Сети": против политических репрессий и... капитализма

Activists of leftist political movements held a protest under highly controversial slogans. After the rally, one participant was arrested for improper crossing of the street.

On Saturday, February 22, in the Park “Ekateringof” in St. Petersburg held a rally of solidarity with the defendants in the so-called “Network”.

The rally was organized by a number of organizations, left political orientation, the Russian Communist Union of youth, the “Left bloc”, the Marxist tendency and the United Communist party.

Many of the speakers called for unification of all opposition forces for the release of political prisoners, but from the rostrum of the rally sounded the calls of “to the struggle against fascism and capitalism”.

At the rally in the Park “Ekateringof” visited the DW.

“Don’t wait till they come for you “

Information about the rally under the slogan “Together against terror and the Darkness” has spread through social networking sites and left-wing movements. The organizers of the action in his application to the government have indicated that they expect the presence of 700 people, however, still a few minutes before it seemed that in a fenced area at the far end of the Park will not be collected and fifty participants. However, when the police began to pass came through the metal detector and check contents in front of the aisles formed a queue.

People continued to come and after the start of the rally, and as a result, according to some estimates, to Express solidarity with the defendants in the case “Network” it is 200-250 people, others boldly called the number 500.

Many of the protesters held in hand posters with inscriptions: “My Russia is in jail. Google of delosme”, “this country is so afraid to live, now I’m not afraid to go to protests”, “don’t wait till they come for you”, “I/We Network” and others, where he expressed support for political prisoners and condemned the actions of security forces.

Meanwhile, from the podium of the rally there were calls for struggle not only with the current Russian power, which speakers called “fascist”, but with the market economic system that emerged in the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. So, the young representative of the “Left bloc,” he said in the microphone: “Some say that he returned to Russia in 1937. No, the real terror was installed in 1991. Here it is – your democracy!”.

“Perhaps they will not give quite so crazy time “

However, there also were other calls. Nicholas Boyarshinov is the father of St. Petersburg involved in the case “Network” Julia Bojarshinova reminded about the need for solidarity with those who suffered political persecution regardless of their political convictions, nationality and religious affiliation. In conversation with the correspondent of DW Boyarshinov is a senior said that he had no great optimism for the upcoming next week’s meetings in the garrison military court of St. Petersburg, which will be announced the sentences of the local defendants in the “Network”.

“How were the courts in Penza, not very positive. Yesterday managed to call my son. He holds, but says, “I know how this will end”. And the publicity, which has recently increased, still insufficient to our guys acquitted. Although they may not give quite so crazy time”, said Nicholas Boyarshinov.

“We need to get the FSB to give explanations on all charges “

In some speeches from the rostrum of the meeting there were accusations of biased coverage of the case “Network” of Russian state media. What to publish on the website of “Medusa”, where it is suggested that “some of the defendants in the Penza case, “Network” may be involved in the murder”, then, as it was convinced the correspondent of DW, not all of the participants to the meeting had time to get acquainted with this publication.

Some read it, refused to speak about it, but two men who stood with a poster “No to torture, arrests, repression,” commented on the article. Artyom Langenburg said that he is a journalist and as a freelancer working with a number of publications. “I think it’s premature publication because, to put it mildly, unconvincing. There have not been audited by the facts. I am not convinced that this is a direct order, but the article may be discharge, which is very detrimental to the campaign to protect children from so-called “Network” – fears Artem.

Standing next to him Alexander cornet added: “According to information which was before, and the one that is posted now, I actually felt it. The articles that were brought against the defendants in the “Network” and new scraps of information, nothing to each other do not correlate. Therefore, it is necessary to force the FSB to give at least some explanation of all charges. Because the entire sequence of proofs, confessions, torture and articles that have been brought, in my head does not fit”.

The meeting lasted an hour and a half. All this time the police recorded the contents of the posters in the hands of the protesters but did not detain anyone. However, after the rally, police detained the anarchist Oleg Smirnov as he walked from the Park to the nearest metro station. He stated that he crossed the street in the wrong place and was taken to the 77th police station.

Петербургский митинг в поддержку фигурантов "Сети": против политических репрессий и... капитализма

Петербургский митинг в поддержку фигурантов "Сети": против политических репрессий и... капитализма

Петербургский митинг в поддержку фигурантов "Сети": против политических репрессий и... капитализма

Петербургский митинг в поддержку фигурантов "Сети": против политических репрессий и... капитализма