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На постановку п'єси Сенцова з бюджету виділять значну суму - 24 Канал

The Ukrainian cultural Fund will Fund half of the play “Rooms” wrongfully convicted in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. A theatrical production, the budget will allocate almost 2 million.

This was told by Executive Director of the Ukrainian cultural Fund yuliia Fediv Public radio.

She noted that the Fund finances international projects in half, the national 80%, and an individual – one hundred percent. So, for the staging of Oleg Sentsov will be allocated about 1.9 million.

Fediv said that the play “Rooms” – one of 15 international projects-winners who applied for funding.

Now is the signing of agreements with those applicants who have passed the negotiation procedure in early September. And today signed contracts. Among them was the play of Oleg Sentsov “Rooms”,
she said.

According to the Director of the Ukrainian cultural Fund, the international projects are financed 50% for the Fund, while the rest is co-financing by the contractor, its partners and international or Ukrainian sponsors.

The producer of the theatrical play of “Numbers” Anna palenchuk was told that the project Sentsov has a corresponding co-financing. However, the information about who is willing to provide financial assistance, will appear later.

According to Palenchuk, the production of “Numbers” is planned for the end of November.

By the way, on 11 September it became known that Oleg Sentsov has worsened the condition. The prisoner began hypoxia: his brain and heart not getting enough oxygen, that in mind. – fog and numb the whole body.

What Russia has condemned Oleg Sentsov?He was arrested may 11, 2014 on the territory of the occupied Crimea and accused of preparing a terrorist attack on the Peninsula during the illegal annexation by Russia. Later Sentsov accused of possessing weapons and explosives. In August 2015 in Russia Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony in the town of Labytnangi.

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