The star of “50 shades of grey” Dakota Johnson for the first time commented on the rumors about the pregnancy – 24 Channel

Зірка "50 відтінків сірого" Дакота Джонсон вперше прокоментувала чутки про вагітність - 24 Канал

Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson, who played the title role in the provocative film based on the novel “50 shades of grey”, commented on the pregnancy rumors.

As you know, October 8, the Western media exploded with the news: 29-year-old Dakota Johnson is pregnant with first child. These assumptions journalists provoked party at the estate of her boyfriend – the lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin. The couple invited Hollywood stars to the feast, and at the end of the evening released blue balloons into the air. This could indicate the expectation of a boy.

For the first time after a lot of discussion in the media Dakota Johnson decided to comment on the pregnancy. She did it in the show Ellen DeGeneres, reports Billboard. The actress said that is not going to be a mom.

I’m pregnant so many great ideas, not more. And to be a mom is not going
– admitted to Dakota Johnson.


Earlier, representatives of the actress said that Chris Martin has prepared the stars for the surprise and arranged a surprise party on the occasion of birthday. Since October 4, Dakota was busy on a project, the holiday was moved to 8 October. This is also confirmed by the actress on the show.

Someone saw a party for my birthday with pink and blue beads, and decided that I was pregnant. Didn’t know that they will be let in the air, I think it was an accident. However, I subsequently received a lot of congratulations, more than a birthday

We will remind, hearings about the novel Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin first appeared when stars were seen together at the concert of nick cave in Israel. Later, the pair lit up the restaurant. Though the actress and the musician did not show their feelings in public, yet suspect that they have a relationship. This information is Dakota and Chris confirmed at the end of last year, when the lovers saw in Paris.

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