The star of “Cadets” called the size of his pension

Звезда "Кадетов" назвал размер своей пенсии

The artist said that “did not complain”.

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Actor Vadim Andreev, known for his roles in the TV series “kadetstvo”, “Mosgaz” and “Executioner,” said that he lives in the suburban Rudineh. There he spends a year with his wife. Around him live poor people, and the artist himself walks into the temple, in close contact with your Confessor. Contrary to popular belief about space earnings priests, many rural parishes live in poverty, said Andreev.

The actor said that he personally knows a priest who otmolili one of the members from cancer, and he gave in gratitude to his car. However, the priest had nothing to fill it – no money. The Andreev earnings not too big: it is “not the actor”.

“The pension is little more than 16 thousand. But don’t complain about anything,” – said Andreev in an interview with “Express newspaper”.

The actor also added that his 62 years free of loans and mortgages. And the son has his own apartment.

Previously a songwriter Ilya Reznik has expressed extreme indignation that the representatives of the domestic show business are asking for help from the authorities. This behavior of “naked kings” he called “cynicism of the highest degree”.