The star of “full House” told about the tragedy of a lifetime

Звезда "Аншлага" рассказала о трагедии всей жизни

Karina Zvereva regrets that did a lot of career.

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Ex-wife of Gennady Vetrov became known in the image Lyali in a humorous transfer. The couple has been together for almost 15 years, but they did not dare to have children. Now, the actress wishes she gave the wife of the heir – told the star the Fifth channel.

On the stage of “full House”, she appeared in the image of a young sexy beauties. That’s what she was attracted to Vetrov, who was 19 years older. The man even dared to put a stamp in the passport for the third time. Relations between spouses were considered, but to the children it never came. Perhaps due to the fact that the comedian already had a child from a previous marriage.

For my family, Karen has sacrificed the career of a singer – that she was invited to replace Jeanne Friske in “Brilliant”. Then the girl refused the offer, but after decided to sing solo on a tight schedule of performances put an end to the relationship with the Wind after 14 years of marriage.

Now the 41-year-old Karina Zvereva in the relationship with fitness trainer Rafael by Husainova, which gave birth to a son.

“I am very sorry that I was a late child and that did not insist Gena on youth, on stupidity. Sniffed the scene and rushed tour. He had a daughter was, and he especially did not insist. Well, make it. And when decided. Children are born in love. And now, when son is growing, he is changing every day. I want more and more of the little man to grow with his personality,” admitted the pop star.

Звезда "Аншлага" рассказала о трагедии всей жизни

Звезда "Аншлага" рассказала о трагедии всей жизни