The star of “Game of thrones” Lina Hidi spoke about the problems in his career because of the scandalous Weinstein

Звезда "Игры престолов" Лина Хиди рассказала о проблемах в карьере из-за скандального Вайнштейна

The famous English actress Lena Hidi previously admitted that they had been sexually harassed by an American producer Harvey Weinstein, however, she again broke the silence and sharing new thoughts.

In an interview with The Times the role of Cersei Lannister in “Game of thrones” said her career suffered because of denial of sex with Weinstein. He twice offered her an intimate relationship and success in films, but she refused. Instead, the Studio is Miramax co-founder of which is the controversial producer, stopped with Hidi any cooperation.

Hell, maybe the fact that I didn’t sleep with him, he influenced a whole decade of my career. To these cases I have twice worked with Miramax, but then nothing happened
– admitted to the British star.

Lina Hidi added that her first meeting with Harvey Weinstein was held in 2005 at the Venice festival. Then he invited her for a walk and made a “lewd expressions and gestures.” Following their meeting took place in Los Angeles, where he invited her to the hotel room and started questions about the personal life of the actress. After the answer that she’s only interested in work and nothing more, he asked not to tell anyone about the meeting.

The essence of the scandal with Harvey Weinstein?
A sex scandal with a Hollywood producer broke out in 2017. More than 100 women accused Weinstein of harassment. After the publicity in the United States began a large-scale campaign against sexual violence. Weinstein formally charged, however, only committing three sexual offences. And soon after was released on bail of one million dollars. The producer at all times during any denies his guilt.

Звезда "Игры престолов" Лина Хиди рассказала о проблемах в карьере из-за скандального Вайнштейна

Harvey Weinstein and his victim of sexual harassment