The star of “the Diamond hand” collapsed pillar

На звезду "Бриллиантовой руки" рухнул столб

Russian and Soviet actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya was injured during the shooting for the star of the movie “the diamond arm” fallen pillar.

The incident occurred near the house of the actress, where she participated in the filming of a talk show. From blow Svetlichnaya lost consciousness, she was diagnosed with a concussion.

“I went down to reporters from his apartment since it didn’t want to invite them. I was waiting for the chair, which they are not reinforced. I haven’t had time to sit on this chair began to gather my thoughts, where I begin, and suddenly I… I didn’t even know what it is, because I lost consciousness. Fallen pillar, but it is cast iron. Hits me on the head, around the body,” – said Svetlichny.

According to star of the Soviet cinema, after the incident, the journalists fled the scene and caused her an ambulance.

“The goal was to get rid of me forever. And what do you think? They escaped! They don’t call me an ambulance home, and then they didn’t even call the next day. They hid, as if they disappeared. Any money I have not paid,” added the actress.