The star tennis player has sharply responded to a proposal for equal prize money for men and women

Звездный теннисист резко ответил на предложение о равных призовых для мужчин и женщин

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has criticised the proposal of the Belarusian Victoria Azarenka on equal prize money for women and men and on the reduction of playing time in the men’s matches.

Nadal focused on the fact that in other sports between the fees men and women much more difference than tennis.

No matter, equal to the prize Fund or not. It is not our problem. It is interesting that there is always debate about the level of prize money in tennis, although we’re probably the only sport in the world where most of the tournaments we are almost equal. I don’t know why not talking about football, basketball and other top sports where women are at a great distance from the men. Discuss our sport, although we support women more than anywhere else.

I’m tired of this – to think about what we are against women. No, it is not so. Another thing that someone deserves more and someone less, but we are not talking about men and women, and just about people. If I’m doing my job better than another person, then I must earn more. No matter a woman or a man. So I’m tired of this discussion
– quoted 32-year-old Nadal Metro.

Azarenka also asked the men to shorten the playing time to three sets. In her opinion, this will help to recover faster before important matches. Nadal was dissatisfied with this statement. “Why she wants us to play three sets? We are happy to play five,” said he.

According to the ATP, Rafael Nadal throughout his career has earned 105,387,798 dollar prize. This season the Spaniard has won more than $ 2 million.

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