The state administration has decided to “opt out” of Tokmak and create 5 districts

В ОГА решили "отказаться" от Токмака и создать 5 районов

In the Zaporozhye region in the framework of the administrative-territorial reform, instead of the 20 districts form 5. In RSA “copied” from the accounts of Tokmak and prefer the Canopy.

If earlier in regional administration said that areas in the region should remain 6, but today decided that this model of administrative-territorial system of the region is wrong.

This was discussed today during a meeting in RSA.

“We have revised the figures and realized that the option which provides for the creation of 6 regions, can not be modified. Moreover, there are three districts in the region with a population of less than 150,000 people. That is, we initially had doubts about the four areas with centers in Zaporozhye (874150 people), Melitopol (305 568) Berdyansk (167439) and Sochi (167064 people). But we have left the territory with a population of 191 615 people. The centres of districts could be Curtains, Nuts, Tokmak and huliaipole. Analyzing the indicators and recommendations came to the conclusion that the entire population comes under the influence of the Canopy,” said a member of the working group Olesya Pasko.

This option of the administrative-territorial device is not supported by all members of the working group. For example, the mayor of Berdyansk Paul chepurna said that it is not Patriotic.

“I voted for two years for option number 3, that is 6 areas. Why is the Ministry of regional development made the decision for us? Today it was announced that the area must be at least 150,000 people, why we ever said that before? I’m not going to vote for the option of creating 5 districts. It is not Patriotic. We need to fight for every district, every village, town, settlement,” said Chepurnoy.

Asked not to “hand over” district and the representative of the Tokmak city Council Victor zagumennov.

“This is a betrayal of the interests of Tokmak. How to defend the interests of the city in Kiev, if we at the regional level do not support it? If the city will leave the state authorities, the indicators all fall,” said zagumennov.

Also, Victor zagumennov stressed that it was collected 10 thousand signatures of local residents with the request to “leave” Tokmak. Signatures will be referred to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Ministry of regional development and the Chairman of regional state administration.

The meeting did not hide their displeasure and were surprised that the leadership of the region so quickly changed the decision and gave the Ministry of development of communities.

“We have forgotten that not only has a Tokmak and Molochansk. You need to create a powerful community. It is necessary to direct all forces”, – said the head of the office of the state administration Zinaida Boyko.

She also drew attention to the fact that in the Zaporozhye region 33 if it has a high level of ability, 1 if it has a low level and a 42 – average level of ability. Currently there are problems with small communities.

A variant of the future model of administrative-territorial structure of the region discussed the hour. A vote of a majority of the members of the working group supported the option of creating 5 districts.

“Last time I supported the third option (creating 6 districts), considered him the most optimal and correct, but it turned out that it does not correspond to the methodology of regional development. The final decision will be taken by the Parliament,” – said the head of the Department of urban development and architecture of regional state administration Oleksandr Bilym and added that the working group set up under the state administration was obliged to modify the model of the administrative-territorial system of the region in accordance with the recommendations provided by the relevant Ministry.

В ОГА решили "отказаться" от Токмака и создать 5 районов

В ОГА решили "отказаться" от Токмака и создать 5 районов

В ОГА решили "отказаться" от Токмака и создать 5 районов

В ОГА решили "отказаться" от Токмака и создать 5 районов