The state budget for January income fell 10.8%, the state Treasury

Госбюджет за январь недовыполнен по доходам на 10,8%, - Госказначейство

In comparison with last year decrease in General Fund revenues totaled UAH 5.4 billion.

The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in January 2019 equaled 54,49 billion, which is not only by 6.56 billion (10.8 per cent) below the planned target, but 0.7 billion (1.3 percent) yields income for January 2018.

According to data on the website of the State Treasury service (state Committee), even worse with the common Fund, which has received over the past month, a 44.25 billion: the plan fell by 18.9%, or 10.33 billion, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

In comparison with last year decrease in General Fund revenues was 10.9% or UAH 5.4 billion.

The state Treasury said that tax revenues for the first month of this year exceeded the figure of January 2018 by 13.2% and amounted to 39,62 billion. However, VAT refund increased compared to January of last year, 64.2%, or by UAH 7.7 bn to the record of 19.71 billion. The resulting balance of tax revenues % to 19.91 billion, which is 13.4% less than in January 2018 and by 27.8%.

In addition to customs revenues during the first month of this year also fell by 10.4% compared to the first month last year, amounting to 22,52 billion, or 88.2% of the plan.

Overall, the January plan for the SFS were narrowly missed by 20.1%, and by January of last year, a decline of 11.8%.

Revenues of local budgets in January of this year to January of last year increased 20.8% to 18.97 billion UAH, and the revenues from the single social contribution (ERU) increased by 26.1% to of 19.12 billion, specifies the state Treasury.