The state budget of Ukraine is kept with a huge deficit: not enough 60 billion hryvnia

Госбюджет Украины сведен с огромным дефицитом: не хватает 60 миллиардов гривен

The state budget of Ukraine for the year 2018 is executed with a deficit of UAH 59.2 bn at the approved the law on the state budget level and 94.1 billion UAH

According to the State Treasury service, the General Fund budget in 2018, was reduced to a deficit of 45.1 billion UAH under the plan, 58 billion UAH.

Privatization in 2018 has brought 268,7 million UAH with approved by Parliament law on state budget plan 18.8 billion UAH, while financing for debt transactions amounted to 52 billion UAH, including the General Fund – 43 billion UAH.

Last year, borrowing amounted 286,4 ml billion UAH, when in 308,3 billion, of which domestic – 174.2 billion UAH.

The consolidated budget of Ukraine in 2018, the deficit of 67.7 billion, but the surplus of the General Fund amounted to 22.6 billion UAH.

In addition, recall that the national Bank spoke about the next change.

In the fourth quarter is expected to increase requirements for lending.

This was announced by the national Bank of Ukraine.

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) published on the official website the results of the survey on terms of Bank lending.

According to this information, the Ukrainian banks plan to raise requirements to large corporate borrowers, but to mitigate for borrowers in small and medium-sized businesses.

In the third quarter, some large banks increased requirements to borrowers, although three quarters of respondents left credit standards unchanged.

Increasing requirements on lending to households is planned in the fourth quarter.

To improve the quality of corporate loans over the next 12 months expects almost half of the surveyed banks.

According to the NBU, Ukrainian banks expect from the legal entities will increase demand for all types of loans. The greatest demand for hryvnia and plan for short-term credits and loans to small and medium enterprises.

The inflow of deposits of population and business, according to the calculations banks must accelerate. The growth of deposits of the population expect 68% of the respondents, the balance of responses amounted to 48% is the highest value in the entire history of observations.

Госбюджет Украины сведен с огромным дефицитом: не хватает 60 миллиардов гривен

Госбюджет Украины сведен с огромным дефицитом: не хватает 60 миллиардов гривен