The state Bureau of investigation has developed the draft guidelines for the prevention and investigation of torture allegations – Varchenko

Госбюро расследований разработало проект инструкции по пресечению и расследованию фактов пыток - Варченко

In the State Bureau of investigation has prepared draft regulations for the prevention and investigation of torture allegations, reported in interview to the edition “Censor.NO,” the first Deputy head of Department Olga Varchenko.

“It defines the mechanism of interaction between the State Bureau of investigation and the General Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of defence, the Ministry of health, the security Service of Ukraine authorized by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights and other public institutions to combat torture through immediate and timely informing the RRT of such facts. This statement is an algorithm of interaction and methodical recommendations for close cooperation between law enforcement agencies, she said. – Provided in the draft regulations system of measures should become a powerful tool for monitoring and control of facts, with signs of torture or other improper conduct. The draft regulations were sent for approval and discussion in the state and public organizations which will be involved in the implementation and in the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine.”

Varchenko said that because of the current ineffective system of investigation of such Affairs of Ukraine receives negative decision of the European court of human rights.

“What’s the point of the investigation all of these industries? This effectiveness and efficiency. If a person inflicted bodily injury, in-the first, quickly appointed a forensic medical examination, to fix them. Second, immediately carry out all necessary inspections, searches, seizure of evidence, etc enables us to quickly to fix the tracks. And if it gets to us immediately, but say, a week, and at first it was the Prosecutor or another organ? And when it comes to GBR, man these bruises may not be, all traces destroyed. And then we have this practice of ECHR judgments where the state is inefficient investigation. The reason we see that from the very beginning was not carried out all necessary investigations, which would allow to collect evidence. If everything is done correctly at the first stage, then the same suspects will not be able to tell that the victim lied. Law enforcement officers know how to cover their tracks, therefore we have developed an algorithm of actions for victims. This is not just any document that will lie on the table and forget all about it. No, we want them actively used. And ordinary citizens, lawyers, judges and doctors. And the same law enforcement officers if they are accused of something they did not commit. It is important for us”, she said.

In the report of the Kharkiv Institute for social research “Monitoring of unlawful violence in the police of Ukraine for the period 2004-2017 years,” says for the period of 2016-2017 years in Ukraine increased the number of victims of violence by the National police.

The UN special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment Nils Melzer in 2018, reported that in Ukraine many people complain about torture and improper attitude during detention and stay in the police.