The state Duma will enter into the Constitution of the Russian Federation “reunification” of Ukraine: what should we prepare

Госдума впишет в конституцию РФ «воссоединение» с Украиной: к чему нам готовиться

Tomorrow the state Duma will consider amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Choosing life Putin is the king-Emperor, the deputies will vote another interesting provision, which few people now says. “On the reunification of “Russian world” around Russia at the expense of neighboring territories.” About this Facebook said the Ukrainian political analyst and blogger Viktor Taran.

He notes, in fact, this means that immediately after the vote, it opens the opportunity for separate regions of Belarus and Ukraine to join Russia on special terms and conditions. And this applies not only to territories ORDO. In the case of adoption proposed by the Office of the President of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, in theory this right is guaranteed to any region of Ukraine.

Viktor Taran underlines, the situation on the diplomatic front, Ukrainian-Russian war escalates once, and the government once again does not respond.