The state is not equipped with even half – Territorial RRT is looking for employees

Штат не укомплектован даже наполовину - Теруправление ГБР ищет сотрудников

Territorial Department of the State Bureau of investigation in Melitopol experiencing an acute shortage of personnel. The state of this structure staffed by only 40 %, and Opera is not at all due to a technical error in the legislation.

According to the Director of Territorial administration of the RRG Denis Kerman, despite the fact that the number of staff THAT RRT is 114 people actually work 44 employees, of which 27 investigators.

– Staffing of Territorial administration is only 40 %, the load per investigator is significant and it will grow. The issue of increasing the number of investigators. Now the last competition to fill 10 positions, including first Deputy Director TU GBR, head of the third investigation division and investigators. Hopefully, after the completion of the contest, passing the special checks and a polygraph test we completed ten posts. And here to announce the contest and complement our operational divisions, and their two – unit operational support and operational developments – we can’t due to technical errors in the law “On the state Bureau of investigation”. The legislator just forgot to mark it as security officer. I hope soon the laws will make changes, and we will be able to equip the operational units. Chiefs to them, by the way, has already been appointed. While we collaborate with the operational units of other law enforcement agencies – national police, security service, the SFS. They perform operational support of the criminal proceedings, which are proceedings THAT GBR – said Denis Kerman.

By the way, while the staff of Territorial administration of GBR only two melitopolya and it’s civil servants (not the investigators not investigators). Also the question about the creation in each regional center – Kherson and Zaporozhye missions THAT the RRT.

At least, there must be investigators, to enable them to respond quickly to crimes and detain criminals. For example, if the offense is committed in Kherson, the investigator of territorial administration, which is located in Melitopol, you will need to get to the venue 3-4 hours, but depends on the urgency of the investigation. We have already appealed to local authorities with the request to allocate for these purposes prepared premises, – said the Director of Territorial administration of GBR in Melitopol.