The state of the Ukrainian activist in a Russian prison is getting worse: he doesn’t drink water or sleep

Состояние украинского активиста в российской колонии все хуже: он не пьет воду и не спит

The lawyer, who visited the Russian colony wrongfully convicted Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluja, alarmed by his condition, sent a statement to the head of the colony with a request to provide Baluku medical care and place it in the infirmary. Be whether it is made – is unknown, because a dry hunger strike, the Ukrainian declared in connection with the violation of all his rights.

Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baloha, who previously went on hunger strike in a Russian prison, was visited by advocating Dinze. She said that the activist two days not sleeping and not drinking water, according to the Crimea. Realities.

“He told me about what really went on hunger strike in protest of the violation of his right to meet with the Consul of Ukraine. Because he is a citizen of Ukraine, he has an unconditional right to a meeting with the Consul. And at present he refuses to use food and water. That is, at the present time he is on dry hunger strike. Naturally long on a dry hunger strike he can’t, because the rejection of the use water occurs quick of disorders of the internal organs, but also the disruption of the nervous system, which is associated with complete loss of sleep. Currently, he is already not sleeping at all for two days”, – said Olga Dinze.

The lawyer added that today wrote a letter to the head of the colony with a request to provide Baluku hour medical assistance, and place it in the medical part.

“The European court directly to declare that a person is required to provide complete, comprehensive care, without violating his rights to refuse eating. Then there are medical help and assistance of other specialized doctors, including a psychologist. In this regard, I the statement pointed out that I asked to allow access to Balaju currently a doctor of a forensic expert with more than 30 years experience for their preliminary examination”, – said the lawyer.

Thursday, June 27, the Bishop of the Apostolic Orthodox Church (APC) of Russia, member of human rights Council of St. Petersburg Grigory Mikhnov-of Vitenko announced the Crimea.The realities that Mr Baloch, who is serving sentence in a penal colony in the Tver region of Russia

A few days earlier, the Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluja was placed in a punishment cell.

the Russian colony in the Tver region. Earlier Baluja was placed in a punishment cell, where he spent a total of about two months. Then was transferred to the prison hospital.

Mr Baluch Crimean farmer, a Ukrainian public activist, member of the Congress of Ukrainian nationalists. After the annexation of Crimea by Russia have refused Russian citizenship. Winter 2013 Baloch hung the Ukrainian flag on his house, was later attached to the house sign “Street of the Heavenly Hundred heroes”.

At the end of 2016, Vladimir Baloga was detained by employees of FSB of Russia. They argued that in the attic of Baluja found ammunition and TNT blocks. Controlled by Russia, a court in Crimea has sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment in two criminal cases: storing of ammunition and the incident, which was called “the beating of the head of Razdolnensky detention center”.

Baloch pleaded not guilty, in protest he went on hunger strike. Protection of Baluja and human rights defenders claim that he was the victim of reprisals for his Pro-Ukrainian position. The human rights centre “memorial” recognized Vladimir Baluja a political prisoner.